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How to purchase TK20

Tk20 will be the place where you submit certain key performance artifacts, build your academic performance portfolio, and submit administrative forms. It costs approximately $113 and is required by the program. You will be asked to purchase a TK20 account prior to starting orientation.

Below are instructions on how to purchase Tk20:

  1. Go to Uclaextension.tk20.com
  2. Click on “Click here to register your student account.”
  3. From there you should be able to follow the prompts.

When registering please use your UCLA Extension Student ID number in your admission letter and the email that we have on file.  Do not use any other ID number that you have, it may not be correct.  Do not include an X at the beginning of your student ID. 

TK20 Benefits
1. You can create and store your coursework in an electronic gallery.

Keeping your work for all of your courses can be difficult. Between the never-ending piles of paper and the numerous electronic files you have scattered across multiple flash drives, staying organized can be difficult. Once you save a document, worksample, or other product in TK20, it will be stored in your account forever for you to access or modify as you wish.

2. You can create an electronic portfolio to share with faculty and potential employers.

Potential employers may disregard boring resumes, limiting your opportunities. TK20 allows you to create your own electronic portfolio to document your professional growth, field experience, transcripts, and assessments. Further, you can share your resume and portfolio with potential employers with a link for easy access.

3. By purchasing Tk20, you are a direct stakeholder in your program’s reputation.
TK20 will help UCLA Extension programs with accreditation and program improvement. By completing work in TK20, you’re helping your program and UCLA to document performance data, reflect on current practices, make meaningful improvements, and maintain accreditation. Potential employers are impressed with candidates who come from accredited institutions and programs, which will enhance your professional opportunities in the future.

TK20 Help Desk & Instructions