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We want to make sure our communication lines stay strong with you, so we have increased our efforts to make information as accessible as possible. Please see below for more guidance and information on supports and opportunities within our various program components, and electronic copies of our monthly newsletters.

Pathway Student Handbook (last revised May 2016)

Academic Advising

Each Pathway student will be assigned a staff member that acts as their academic advisor. The purpose of academic advising is to guide the student in making academic decisions, taking into consideration the student’s personal, educational, and post-Pathway goals. The Academic Advisor is the go-to person for academic issues – class selection, registration, accommodation requests, performance issues, and progress towards certificate completion. Students are encouraged to ask questions as it relates to their individual progression and experiences in Pathway. While the Advisor’s role is to support the student and provide guidance, it is also the student’s responsibility to track their progress toward the completion of their certificate. Click here for more information on the Academic Advising process.

Vocational Development & Internships 

All students are required to complete at least 70 hours of internship or fieldwork experience. Most internships are developed based on individual student’s areas of interest; however, there are also a number of internships that have been developed to assist students with exploring different career fields. Some of these internship opportunities are paid, and all of these internship opportunities (paid and unpaid) require the students to interview for the position.

In preparing for the interview, students should be sure to pack appropriate interview attire for both warm and cold seasons.

If you think you might be interested in interviewing for a paid internship or obtaining paid employment during your time with Pathway, be sure to bring with you the following items for payroll processing:

  1. Social Security card (must be original)
  2. Government Issued ID or passport
  3. Students should also have a checking and/or savings account in their name for direct deposit, or have the information needed to deposit payroll checks

International Students: You will need to keep with you your current F1 Visa, I-20, and I-94 documents.

Students who obtain a paid opportunity but are unable to complete the payroll process in a timely manner may risk being passed over for the opportunity or experience a delay in start date.

For Internship FAQs, please click here.

Pathway Leadership Project (PLP)

The Pathway Leadership Project is an opportunity for a select group of current students to work on developing leadership, public speaking, and teamwork skills, while also developing other life-long learning experiences and skill sets. Participants are student ambassadors for Pathway who have demonstrated excellence in all program areas that include: academics, vocational, residential (including cooperation with independent living services), and social/recreational.

Activities for PLP participants may include, but is not limited to:

  • Conducting group tours and meeting with prospective Pathway students and families
  • Attending campus and other outreach events
  • Assisting with compilation of the Pathway yearbook
  • Participating in special research projects for Pathway

Selection Criteria:

  • Willingness to receive and work on feedback from program and support staff
  • Demonstration of dependability and responsibility for self, and a positive and enthusiastic attitude
  • All applicants are considered on a case-by-case basis and must come with high recommendations from staff in all program areas
  • Maintain academic standards of at least a 3.0 GPA each quarter and commit to additional leadership development exercises and opportunities


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