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General Education Clear Induction Candidates (Includes: STI, FTI, Clear)

Please note: new enrollment is no longer available for this program.

Course of Study & Course Schedule

Clear Track

Standard Track Induction

Fast Track Induction

TK20 Information

Tk20 will be the place where you submit certain key performance artifacts, build your academic performance portfolio, and submit administrative forms. It costs approximately $113 and is required by the program. You will be asked to purchase a TK20 account prior to starting orientation.  Please click on the “TK20 Information” for more details on TK20.

Orientation Documents

You are required to submit key documents before you can register for courses.  Please submit your documents as soon as possible.  Delays will result in a failure in orientation and you will not be able to register for courses.

Extenuating Circumstances

As a student you will need to adhere to your assessment deadlines.  Sometimes however, circumstances beyond your control can affect your ability to submit work or attend an examination and the department has a policy of taking into account some circumstances which have affected students’ academic study.  Please download and complete the extenuating circumstances form as soon as possible.  You are required to submit the form through TK20.