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Frequently Asked Questions: Teacher Induction-California Clear Credential Program

How do I apply to the induction program?
Who is eligible for this induction program?

  • Teachers must hold a California Preliminary Multiple Subject, Single Subject, and/or Education Specialist credential.
  • Teachers must be employed in a contracted teaching position as teacher of record for no less than 50% time in a teaching assignment that matches the subjects and/or grade levels of the California preliminary credential that is being cleared. In an elementary (multiple subject) classroom, the teaching assignment must include time teaching at least two core subject areas (reading/language arts, mathematics, social studies, science, or performing/visual arts), one of which must be reading/language arts or mathematics. The term of employment must overlap significantly with the time frame when the induction program courses are offered, late August through May.
  • Teachers may be employed at public schools, charter schools, or private schools. Education Specialists may also be employed at non-public schools (NPS).
  • Teachers must have met the state’s California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST) and subject matter competence (CSET) requirements prior to admission to the induction program.

Am I eligible for the program if I teach in a non-traditional classroom setting, e.g. studio teacher, correctional facilities teacher, online instructor, home school teacher, etc.?

This depends on the circumstances of employment. Correctional facilities teachers are not eligible due to privacy concerns. Online teachers, home school teachers, and studio teachers are eligible if the school or program is affiliated with a public/private school or is listed with a CDS code with the CA Department of Education.

Can I clear my credential if I am unemployed or a substitute teacher?

No. Per recent CTC changes to the induction standards, only employed teachers are eligible for induction. These changes take effect September 1, 2017.

Can I clear my credential while teaching outside of California?

Yes. Out-of-state and out-of-country teachers may apply to the program and may be admitted if they meet the above eligibility requirements and if their site administrator agrees that the teacher will be able to:

  • Plan, teach, and assess student learning for subjects and skills in California’s content standards and curriculum frameworks that match the preliminary credential that is being cleared
  • Demonstrate differentiation of instruction, create supportive learning environments, and conduct formative and summative assessments for a range of student ability levels, cultural backgrounds, and English language skills

Can I clear my preliminary credential if it has expired?

Yes. As long as the teacher meets the eligibility requirements above, the teacher may still enroll and participate in induction with an expired credential. Most public school employers will require the teacher to appeal for an extension. Please view the CTC AL-3 leaflet for instructions on the appeal process:

I have a multiple subject credential but teach in a single subject classroom. Am I eligible to clear my multiple subject credential in this program?

It depends.  A teacher is eligible to clear a multiple subject credential if (a) the teaching assignment is in an elementary or middle school, or is for teaching students elementary-level or middle-school level curriculum, and (b) the teacher is teaching at least two core subject areas in the multiple subject curriculum (reading/language arts, mathematics, social studies, science, or visual/performing arts), one of which must be reading/language arts or mathematics.

I have a single subject credential but teach in an elementary classroom. Am I eligible to clear my single subject credential in this program?

No,  an elementary teaching position (typically grades K-5) does not provide sufficient opportunities to teach secondary-level curriculum and to use developmentally appropriate instructional strategies for adolescents.

Do I need an induction program if I have a Ryan credential?

This depends on the specific renewal requirements listed on the credential. Teachers should look up their credential at www.ctc.ca.gov. If Induction is not listed, candidate may be eligible to apply directly to the CTC for a clear credential if they have one of the following:

  • Master’s degree
  • 30 semester units, beyond the Bachelor’s degree, in a defined field of study
  • A second Bachelor’s degree
  • A dual major Bachelor’s degree
  • A Bachelor’s degree with 150 semester units

It is recommended that Ryan candidates confirm this eligibility with the CTC directly at credentials@ctc.ca.gov.

How long does it take to complete the program?

The program is completed in two academic years, with courses spread out over two fall quarters and two spring quarters that parallel a K-12 school system’s semesters.

What is the cost of the program?

University Mentor Track tuition is $11,315 and is paid via à la carte course fees spread over four quarters (two academic years).  This track is for teachers whose school is unable to provide a qualified school mentor.  UCLA will provide a university mentor.

School Mentor Track tuition is $5,615 and is paid via à la carte course fees spread over four quarters (two academic years).  This track is for teachers whose school is can provide a qualified school mentor.

Admitted teacher induction candidates whose school, school district, or charter organization employer has been approved by UCLA Extension to be a discount-eligible teacher induction partner may qualify for a reduced tuition rate.  You or someone from your school Human Resources Department can get more information about becoming a discount-eligible teacher induction partner by contacting the induction program’s director at credentials@uclaextension.edu.

Is financial aid available?

The induction program is not eligible for federal financial aid. However, we recommend reviewing the following sites to research loans, grants, or scholarships:

UCLA Extension Financial Aid website

Sallie Mae Smart Option Graduate Student Loan

Employment Development Department


How many courses and/or units are required?

  • There are a total of four core induction program courses (24 academic units) designed for teacher participants to develop, implement, and assess their progress for an individual learning plan and goals for improving their teaching practices, with guidance from a mentor and a course instructor.  These core courses are spread out over four quarters (2 academic years).
  • Teacher participants who are working with a university mentor also enroll in an induction mentor support course each quarter (8 total continuing education units), while concurrently completing core courses.  (Teacher participants who are working with a mentor from an approved induction partner school or district do not enroll in the mentor support courses.)
  • Finally, all teacher participants start the program with a short, two-week introduction to transitioning from a preliminary credential program to an induction program and measuring professional growth using the California Standards for the Teaching Profession (no units).

How can I get credit for previous BTSA work completed?

Candidates may submit verified Completion Logs from previous BTSA programs with authenticated BTSA stamps, along with their application, to be evaluated for course equivalencies and exemptions. Induction A will be waived once documents are verified.

Can I clear both of my credentials simultaneously?

Yes. A teacher may clear more than one preliminary credential in the program. UCLA Extension is authorized to offer induction programs for clearing Multiple Subject, Single Subject, and Education Specialist credentials. If the teacher’s contracted teaching position matches only one of the credentials being cleared, the teacher participant will need to consult with an induction program advisor during the admissions process about ways to gain access to students where he/she can teach the appropriate content or levels and demonstrate CSTP growth for the second credential. Based on that counseling sessions, the teaching participant and the UCLA Extension Induction Program will agree to an individualized induction plan and timeframe needed to meet induction requirements for both credentials.

Are additional renewal requirements embedded in the program?

Usually, teachers who were granted a CA teaching credential based on out-of-state or out-of-country credentials, will have renewal requirements such as CBEST, CSET, U.S. Constitution, health education, basic and/or advanced computer education, special education, and CPR. Only health, special education, and advanced computer education are embedded.

UCLA Extension Education Department – Credential Program Contact Information:

Phone: (310) 825-4191

Email: credentials@uclaextension.edu

Additional contact information for your convenience:

California Commission on Teacher Credentialing

Web site: www.ctc.ca.gov

E-mail: credentials@ctc.ca.gov (may take up to 72 hours for email response)

Phone: (916) 322-4974

Hours: 12:30 – 4:30pm, Monday through Friday