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FAQ: Teaching English Language Learners (CLAD thru CTEL)

What is a CLAD Through CTEL? How is it different from CLAD?

The California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) has discontinued the acceptance of previously approved coursework leading to the CLAD Certificate. Beginning January 2008, the CLAD through CTEL coursework program will now authorize instruction for English language development (ELD) and specially designed academic instruction delivered in English (SDAIE) in grades twelve and below, including preschool, and classes organized primarily for adults.

Is the CLAD program a teaching credential?

No. The CLAD program is a supplementary authorization to an existing California teaching credential and cannot be obtained unless you hold the appropriate California credential.

What qualifications are required to obtain a CLAD added authorization via university-level coursework?

Applicants must satisfy all of the following requirements at the time of application to the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC):

  • Possess a valid California teaching credential
  • Successfully complete coursework in a CTC-approved program such as UCLA Education Extension.

Am I eligible to apply for the CLAD program if I am not currently a full-time classroom teacher?

Yes, as long as you have a valid CA teaching credential.

How do I enroll in the CLAD Through CTEL program?

Applicants must enroll in the 804.1 CLAD Orientation to receive an application . This Orientation and application are prerequisites for all other CLAD Through CTEL courses.

How many courses are there in the program?

There are five, plus an orientation, listed here:

804.1 CLAD Orientation (0 quarter units)
X 426 Culture and Inclusion (4 quarter units)
X 426.1 Language and Language Development (4 quarter units)
X 426.2 Assessment of English Learners (3 quarter units)
X 426.3 Foundations and Methods of English Language/Literacy Development and Content Instruction (6 quarter units)
X 426.9 CLAD Portfolio

Must I take the classes in any particular order?

All students must enroll in and complete the Orientation and submit an application before they can enroll in any of the other courses. Course X 426, X 426.1, X 426.2 and X 426.3 may be taken in any order once the orientation and application has been completed. Enrollment in the final course, X 426.9 is restricted to students who have successfully completed all other previous coursework in the program.

How many courses may I take per quarter?

Due to the academic rigor of the courses, we recommend that students enroll in no more than two courses per quarter.

Must I take the CLAD courses for a letter grade?

Yes. Students must successfully complete each course with a grade of “B“ (3.0 GPA) or better to be formally recommended to CTC for the CLAD Certificate.

Can I combine coursework taken at institutions other than UCLA Extension to meet the requirements?

University of California (UC) Riverside, UC San Diego and UCLA Extension consortium (Southern, CA) have exactly the same courses and the consortium members have agreed to accept each other’s courses. Courses taken at another CTEL approved institution may possibly be considered on an individual basis.

You should plan on taking the Portfolio course at the campus to which you are enrolled in the CLAD Through CTEL program. Please contact your campus prior to attempting to take the Portfolio class at a campus to which you have not been admitted.

Can I combine passing scores on CTEL examination subtest(s) with UCLA Extension CLAD through CTEL courses?

UCLA Extension will consider CTEL subtest equivalency on an individual basis. Students desiring subtest consideration must enroll in 804.1 CTEL Orientation and use the CTEL Exam Assessment option and submit official scores. The CTEL subtests and corresponding courses for waivers are:

  • CTEL EXAM I: Language and Language Development = X426.1
    CTEL EXAM II: Assessment and Instruction = X426.2 and X426.3
    CTEL EXAM III: Culture and Inclusion = X426

May I submit my credential application directly to CTC similar to the previous CLAD process?

No. Your certificate application must be filed by UCLA Education Extension with our formal recommendation on your behalf. Applications submitted directly by individuals to CTC without formal recommendation will be returned to them.

What are the costs of the CLAD Through CTEL program?

Costs include current course fees (please see Course Descriptions) and CTC application fee. The cost of textbooks and other course materials will vary with courses and course instructors and are not included in the course fees.

May I take a CLAD Certificate course(s) for professional growth or personal interest purposes without applying for the certificate?

Yes. All of the individual courses have open enrollment except for the portfolio course which is restricted to certificate students who have successfully completed all of the other courses and applied to the UCLA Education Extension program.

Can UCLA Extension complete a CL-469 CLAD Emergency Permit Renewal Verification form?

Yes, if you have met the conditions in Part II Verification of Completion of Course Work, Section B, Number 2 & 3: The applicant has completed six semester units (or 9 quarter units) of CTEL course work in a Commission-approved program.


Applicant is completing a combination of course work and exams to earn the English Learner/CLAD based on determined equivalencies. The applicant has completed a combination of 3 semester units (4 quarter units) of CTEL course work in a Commission-approved program and passed one subset of the CTEL examination.

Then we can complete the Part II portion of the form. Part I is completed by the employer.

What if I need counseling on the application process or have questions?

You may contact the UCLA Education Extension credentialing office staff via email at credentials@uclaextension.edu or by phone at (310) 206-8342 between the hours of 8:30 am and 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday.