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FAQ: Educating and Supporting Students with ASD (Added Authorization in ASD)

What is an ASD Added Authorization?

The ASD added authorization allows holders of Levels I and II Mild/Moderate and other special education credentials to work with K-12 students with autism spectrum disorders. ASD added authorization is required by CTC for teachers who (1) work with students with autism spectrum disorders.

Is the ASD Added Authorization/Certificate a teaching credential?

No. The ASD Added Authorization is a supplementary authorization to an existing California teaching credential and cannot be obtained unless you hold the appropriate California credential.

How many courses are there in the program?

There are five courses,plus an orientation, listed here:

 728.1 Autism Spectrum Disorder Portfolio (0 quarter units)
X 429.20A Characteristics of Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (4.5 quarter units)
X 429.21A Positive Behavior Support for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (4 quater units)
X 429.22A Academic Strategies for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (4 quarter units)
X 429.23A LEffective Collaboration for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (4 quarter units)
X 429.24 Portfolio for Education and Supporting Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (2 quarter units)

What qualifications are required to obtain an Autism Spectrum Disorder Added Authorization via university-level coursework?

Applicants must satisfy all of the following requirements at the time of application to the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC):

  • Possess a valid California teaching credential
  • Successfully complete coursework in a CTC-approved program such as now offered by UCLA Education Extension

How do I enroll in the ASD Added Authorization/Certificate?

Applicants must enroll in the Orientation course to receive a program application. This Orientation and application are prerequisites for all other ASD courses.

Must I take the courses in any particular order?

All students must enroll in and complete the Orientation course and submit an application before they can enroll in any of the other courses. Students must complete X 429.20A before continuing to other coursework, and the following courses may be completed in any order X 429.21A, X 429.22A, and X429.23A. Enrollment in the final course, X 429.24 is restricted to students who have successfully completed all other previous coursework in the program.

How many courses may I take per quarter?

Due to the academic rigor of the courses, we recommend that students enroll in no more than two courses per quarter.

Must I take the Autism Spectrum Disorder courses for a letter grade?

Yes. Students must successfully complete each course with a grade of “B“ or higher.

Can I combine coursework taken at institutions other than UCLA Extension to meet the requirements?

It is the student’s responsibility to request a course waiver, and submit the course description, course description, and transcript to UCLA Extension Education Department. Submission of the mentioned documents does not guarantee that any courses will be waived.

Do I apply for the ASD Added Authorization?

UCLA will formally recommend you to CTC once your grades for all of the courses have been officially posted. After we recommend you to CTC you will receive an email from CTC whereby you will be required to verify your information, answer fitness questions, and pay for your ASD Added Authorization with CTC. Once you pay, it takes about ten business days for recommendation application to be processed.

May I submit my credential application directly to CTC?

No. Your certificate application must be filed by UCLA Education Extension with our formal recommendation on your behalf. Applications submitted directly by individuals to CTC without formal recommendation will be returned to them.

What are the costs of the ASD Added Authorization/Certificate program?

Costs include current course fees (please see Course Descriptions) and candidacy fee. The cost of textbooks and other course materials will vary with courses and course instructors and are not included in the course fees.

May I take an ASD Certificate course(s) for professional growth or personal interest purposes without applying for the certificate?

Yes. All of the individual courses have open enrollment except for the portfolio course which is restricted to certificate and credential students who have successfully completed all of the other courses and applied to the UCLA Education Extension program. But credential and certificate students must take the Orientation course first, Characteristics of Students with ASD course second, and Portfolio course last. The remaining courses can be taken in any order.

What if I need counseling on the application process or have questions?

You may contact the UCLA Education Extension credentialing office staff via email at credentials@uclaextension.edu or by phone at (310) 206-8342 between the hours of 8:30 am and 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday.