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CLAD through CTEL

CLAD through CTEL

“Twenty-five percent of all children enrolled in California public schools are designated as English learners and require specialized instruction in English language development. For these reasons, California has placed a high priority on preparing teachers to work with students from multicultural and linguistically diverse backgrounds. Since 1970, the State of California has required that classes designed to serve students primarily designated as English Learners in public schools must be taught by teachers who have the appropriate preparation to teach linguistically and culturally diverse students.”

CA Commission on Teacher Credentialing, Education. (2013, June 23). California Teachers of English Learners (CTEL) Program Leading to Certification to Teach English Learners. Retrieved from https://www.ctc.ca.gov/docs/default-source/educator-prep/standards/epps-handbook-ctel-pdf.pdf

The CLAD (Cross-cultural, Language and Academic Development)  through CTEL (California Teacher of English Learners) program is designed for those individuals who hold an active and valid California teaching credential and need to add the CLAD authorization. This program is designed to develop the capacity of teachers to effectively teach K-12 subject matter to English language learners in public, charter, and private schools.

Candidates must possess a valid California teaching credential, services credential, children’s center instructional permit, or children’s center supervision permit which authorized the holder to provide instruction to pupils in preschool, kindergarten, any of grades 1 to 12 inclusive, or classes primarily organized for adults except the following:

  1. Emergency credentials or permit
  2. Exchange credentials as specified in Education Code Section 44333
  3. District intern certificates as specified in Education Code Section 44325
  4. Sojourn certificated employee credentials as specified in Education Code Section 44856
  5. Teacher education internship credentials as specified in Article 3 (commencing with Education Code Section 44450) of Chapter 3

Upon completion of the program, these candidates are recommended to the CCTC for the CLAD authorization.  The candidates are not eligible to receive a UCLA Extension Certificate upon completion of the program, per CCTC rules.

In order to be recommended to the CTC for the English learner added authorization, all candidates must complete an online UCLA Extension application and enroll in the program prior to taking any courses.

Please visit the website below for more information on the program and the application requirements.


Program Requirements

  • Submission of complete application packet prior to taking any CLAD courses.

Program Completion Requirements

  • Successful completion of all coursework with an overall 3.0 GPA or higher and a minimum of a “C” letter grade on all courses.
  • Completion of Student end of program survey. (Survey link will be provided during the X 426.9 Portfolio Review course.)
  • Completion of Employer end of program survey, only applicable to those candidates going through the program for an authorization. (Survey link will be sent directly to the employer during the X 426.9 Portfolio Review course.)

Course Requirements

  • Access to a computer, a valid email address, and working knowledge of basic computer applications including word processing applications, internet browsers, and email

Course Enrollment

To be able to enroll in the courses you must:

  • Complete a mandatory one-time survey which takes no more than 5 minutes to complete. Permission to enroll in the courses will not be granted until the survey has been completed.
  • If you are a new student to UCLA Extension you must first enroll in the orienation, which is open to the public, to create a UCLA Extension ID number.
  • Once you have completed the survey and you have a UCLA Extension ID number please notify the program so that you may be granted permission to enroll in the courses.

Course Information

The CLAD through CTEL program consists of five courses plus an orientation (18 graduate-level quarter units in total), all of which are offered only online.

In order to be recommended to the CTC for the English learner added authorization, all candidates must complete an online UCLA Extension application and enroll in the program prior to taking any courses.

EDUC 804.1 – CLAD Orientation – 0 units

EDUC X 426 – Culture and Inclusion – 4 units

EDUC X 426.1 – Language and Language Development – 4 units

EDUC X 426.2 – Assessment of English Learners – 3 units

EDUC X 426.3 – Foundations & Methods of English Language Learners – 6 units

EDUC X 426.9 – CLAD Portfolio Review – 1 unit

*UCLA Extension is on a quarter system and not a semester system.

You must complete X 426, X 426.1, X 426.2, and X 426.3 before you can enroll in the X 426.9 CLAD Portfolio Review.

Course Waivers

University of California (UC) Los Angeles Extension, UC San Diego Extension, and UC Riverside Extension consortium (Southern CA) have exactly the same courses and the consortium members have agreed to accept each other’s courses for CLAD through CTEL.

You should plan on taking the Portfolio course at the campus to which you are enrolled in the CLAD Through CTEL program. Please contact your campus prior to attempting to take the Portfolio class at a campus to which you have not been admitted.

To petition a course waiver for courses taken at another university or institution you must submit the official transcripts, course description and course syllabus with your program application. Submission of the documents does not guarantee that the course(s) will be waived.

To waive a course based on having successfully passed a CTEL examination(s) you must submit the official score report with the program application. CTEL examinations are only valid for 5 years from the date that the examination(s) were passed.

The CTEL subtests and corresponding courses for waivers are as follows:

CTEL Subtest I = X 426.1 Language and Language Development

CTEL Subtest II = X 426.2 Assessment of ELL and X 426.3 Foundations & Methods of ELL

CTEL Subtest III = X 426 Culture and Inclusion

CLAD Authorization Certificate

CLAD through CTEL UCLA Extension Handbook

*Handbook current as of 04/22/2019.

Frequently Asked Questions

For more information please contact credentials@uclaextension.edu or call (310) 206-8342.