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ENROLL NOW – Preparation for the GRE

When applying to college degree programs, test scores matter. With few exceptions, most colleges look for a minimum score on standardized test as part of their admissions requirements. To boost your performance, enroll in a test prep course today at UCLA Extension. We offer convenient online and classroom-based boot camps to prepare you for success.

Our test prep courses are intensive, multi-week programs led by experienced instructors. The courses include plenty of practice exams and review questions, and you’ll leave the class armed with proven test-taking strategies. Our test prep classes will help you to up your test scores.

Even if your test score is high enough to get you admitted to a college degree program, a few more points on a standardized test may put you in the running for merit aid. While test prep resources may cost some time and money in the short term, merit aid save you tens of thousands of dollars on college tuition.

UCLA Extension test prep courses help you sharpen and refine the skills you need to score your best. For each course, experienced instructors help you take control of the test as you learn skills and strategies which maximize time and reduce test-taking anxiety. An additional benefit is that the skills developed through our courses are transferable and can be applied in your collegiate, graduate, or professional school studies.

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