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Positive Behavior Support

Provides theoretical and research background that is necessary to fully appreciate and share the literature and research on Positive Behavior Support. The courses convey knowledge about the full range of current strategies and skills that parents, educators, social service professionals, therapists, and other professionals need to work effectively with students with emotional and/or behavioral issues. The courses explore the characteristics, positive behavior supports, academic strategies, and effective community collaboration. The certificate program also includes a portfolio course where certificate participants will assemble a portfolio of assignments from the four core courses that will reflect their unique interest in Positive Behavior Support as well as the participant’s professional development.

ENROLL NOW – Positive Behavior Supports for K-12 Teachers

Professional Development Candidates seeking a certificate

The program is designed for those individuals who do not hold a CA teaching credential and wish to enroll in the program for professional development. Candidates living outside of the state of California may also enroll in the program for professional development. Upon successful completion of the program these candidates are eligible to receive only a UCLA Extension certificate.


  • Access to a computer, a valid email address, and working knowledge of basic computer applications including word processing applications, internet browsers, and email.
  • Access to K-12 student(s) with emotional and/or behavior challenges.
  • Must complete all five requried courses (X 828.3, X 428.418, X428.423, X 428.445, X428.478) before enrolling in X 428.418B.

Program Completion Requirements

  • Successful completion of all coursework with an overall 3.0 GPA or higher and a minimum of a “B” letter grade on all courses.
  • Completion of Student end of program survey.

Course Waivers

To petition a course waiver for courses taken at another university or institution official transcripts, course description and course syllabus must be submitted with the program application. Submission of the documents does not guarantee that the course(s) will be waived.

ENROLL NOW – Positive Behavior Supports for K-12 Teachers