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ENROLL NOW – Parent Education and Training Certificate

Schools and other child serving institutions have become increasingly aware that parent involvement and parent effectiveness are crucial to their ability to carry out their missions. More schools are realizing that their ability to educate and maintain students is greatly dependent on the quality of parenting students receive at home, and how well their parents prepare them for school and how positively they are involved in and supportive of their education. Moreover, health and mental health organizations are more aware than ever that parents are the foremost models and encouragers of a child’s overall health. When parents model and promote unhealthy life styles, child health is at serious risk and they have a harder time preventing and treating illness and disease. Social service agencies are cognizant that ineffective and uninformed parenting is damaging to child welfare. They also know clearly that the child abuse and neglect that they work to prevent all too often leads to delinquency, drug abuse, gang involvement and crime.

Parallel to and in response to this increasing awareness, there has emerged in our nation the creation of new technologies and programs to educate all parents to be as effective as possible. The technology includes a wide range of parenting skill-building programs that provide parents from all walks of life and cultural backgrounds with the guidance and education that is needed to be most successful in raising children in today’s complex society.

However, very few schools and agencies have a comprehensive awareness and knowledge about the value, variety and availability of these practical interventions. Nor do many have personnel with extensive parenting and parenting program knowledge who can lead and shape efforts to educate and support parents.

This program provides the theoretical and research background that is necessary to fully appreciate and share the value of parenting training and education. The courses convey knowledge about the full range of modern parenting programs and what can realistically be expected from their use. Candidates learn how to engage parents in school governance, fundraising, volunteerism, and co-teaching. The program also provides candidates with strategies for creating parent education and training programs. The four courses in the program prepare individuals to facilitate the implementation, evaluation, and marketing of parent education programs within schools, agencies and communities.


Students should have access to a computer, a valid email address, and working knowledge of basic computer applications including word processing applications, internet browsers, and email.

ENROLL NOW – Parent Education and Training Certificate

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