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FAQ: Teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language

What is the fee for the TESL/TEFL certificate and am I required to pay this fee?

The fee for the TESL/TEFL certificate is $100.00. This certificate fee must be paid to be enrolled in the TESL/TEFL certificate program to be able to receive the certificate after all coursework requirements have been met. The fee is nonrefundable.

Is there a time limitation regarding my candidacy in the TESL/TEFL Certificate Program?

While students may take courses at will the certificate candidacy fee is only valid for five year.

How do I pay my TESL/TEFL Certificate fee?

Go to our website at uclaextension.edu

Is the entire TESL/TEFL program at UCLA Extension online?

Yes, the TESL/TEFL program at UCLA Extension is entirely online.

I am an international student. Do I need to take any exams?

It is recommended to international students to have a minimum TOEFL (iBT) score of 90.

When can I enroll in the TESL/TEFL certificate program?

Enrollment is open so students may enroll during the academic quarter by paying the certificate fee and registering in TESL/TEFL coursework.

Does this program meet I-20/ F1 Visa Requirements?

The TESL/TEFL certificate at UCLA Extension does not meet I-20/F1 Visa requirements.

What is the estimated duration of completing this program?

The estimated duration to earning the TESL/TEFL certificate is 1 year.

When I complete the coursework what do I do?

Please contact your program representative who will in turn review your record to determine certificate completion. If all requirements have been met you will be mailed your certificate to your address on file.


I am an international student. What office do I contact about studying at UCLA Extension?

Please contact the following office:

UCLA Extension International Student Office
10995 Le Conte Avenue #113
Los Angeles, CA 90024-1113
Telephone: (310) 825-9351
Fax (310) 267-2088
e-mail: iso@uclaextension.edu

What are the costs of the TESL/TEFL program?

The total estimated program tuition for this program is about $2,900.00, which includes course costs, textbook/materials, and candidacy fee.

How many courses comprise the TESL/TEFL program?

The program consists of four (5 unit) required courses.

EDUC X 425.01 Methods of Teaching ESL
EDUC X 425.02 Culture and Diversity in Schools
EDUC X 425.03 Linguistics for TESL Educators
EDUC X 425.04 Instructional Technologies for TESL Educators

How can the TESL/TEFL Program enhance my career?

This 20 unit program is directed towards individuals who wish to teach English abroad and/or non-native English speakers and foreign teachers who wish to teach English in their native countries.

Am I required to take the Practicum courses required to earn the TESL/TEFL certificate at UCLA Extension?

No, you are not required to take the Practicum courses to earn the TESL/TEFL certificate.

Do you customize TESL/TEFL programs for groups and schools with cohorts?

Yes, we do customize programs for institutions with cohorts. Please email eceonline@uclaextension.edu or call (310) 825-4191.

What if I need counseling on the application process or have other questions about the program?

You may contact the UCLA Education Extension office staff via email at eceonline@uclaextension.edu or by phone at (310) 825-4191 between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm, Monday through Friday.