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FAQ: College Counseling

By taking a course online, won’t I miss the personal interaction that a classroom setting provides?

That’s a common concern and especially so with a field that is inherently people-oriented. Actually, online courses are designed to provide maximum interaction between student and instructor and among students themselves. This high level of interactivity not only enhances the learning process, but it provides opportunities for networking with colleagues from around the country. You get to know your fellow “classmates” as you communicate on a regular basis via your computer.

How is the practicum site chosen?

Certificate candidates are responsible for setting up their own practicum sites. Candidates can set up a practicum at a local school venue or some other site which provides opportunities for college counseling.

What are other features of the practicum?

Students enrolled in the practicum have the opportunity to receive additional feedback and support from a practicing college counselor and from fellow students through the required online course taken concurrently with the hands-on practicum. Practicum students find that they value the ongoing interaction because it makes them feel “connected” to others as they work at their practicum sites.

May I transfer any course from this program to an advanced degree program?

Maybe. The transfer of course work is evaluated on a case-by-case basis by colleges and universities. The decision to accept credit is made by the graduate program to which you apply.

All of the required courses in this program are categorized in the 400 numbering series. This is the same numbering series in which the graduate level courses offered by the University of California system are categorized. Therefore, it is a possibility that these courses could be accepted into a Master’s program which students might consider upon completion of this program.

What does the certificate signify and how will it help in the job market?

The Certificate in College Counseling signifies completion of a specialized program of courses and training in college counseling. It designates professional development in this unique field. Many schools look upon our certificate programs as a strong positive factor in hiring and offering promotions. Check with specific institutions for any degree or credential requirements they may have in addition to the College Counseling Certificate. Note: This is not a “certification” in that it neither licenses nor certifies you to be a college counselor.

What is the cost for the entire certificate program?

When you consider the savings in commute/travel costs, child care, and other incidental costs, combined with the ability for online courses to fit into virtually any busy schedule, online courses provide good value.

The tuition cost is $5,320.00. This does not include the cost of textbooks and the application fee. Order and payment for the textbooks is done directly with the UCLA bookstore, Lu Valle Commons. For more information about the courses please visit college counseling web page.

In order to earn the certificate, students need to complete the six core, required courses as well as one elective course of their choice. Upon clicking on the course title, you will be taken to the next page where all of the sections are posted. We offer multiple sections in order to accommodate enrollment. All of the instructors are required to use the same syllabus format although they write and create their own lectures. Click on the course registration number in order to initiate the enrollment process. Upon completing the enrollment process, you will be sent an automated email message from UCLA Extension confirming that you are enrolled in the course.

I am interested in applying for your certificate program in college counseling and would like further information.

While on the college counseling web site home page, click on the Enroll Now link located below the Requirements heading. This will take you to the page where you will initiate the enrollment process. It may seem as if you are enrolling in a class, but actually you ultimately are completing the application process. The $100.00 filing fee is a one-time, nonrefundable payment.

What is a reasonable estimate of how many hours of class time are required in the College Counseling Program?

On average, you can expect to spend 10 to 15 hours a week on coursework, including accessing text-based lectures, completing and submitting assignments electronically, and reading supplementary materials.

How many courses can I take each quarter?

We recommend that a participant take no more than two classes per quarter. Students wishing to complete the program within one year must take two classes per quarter and the Practicum during the last quarter.

How do I order textbooks?

Textbook information for each course is found where you’ll initiate the enrollment process. Click on the link titled “Buy This Book” and follow the prompts; or you can call the LuValle Bookstore at UCLA Main Campus at (310) 825-7238. Provide the Registration number for your classes and they can help you.

How often are the required courses and the Practicum offered?

The six required courses and the Practicum are offered year round.

I see that the classes have a day of the week listed. Is there a specific time that the class "meets" on this particular day of the week? If so, what is that time? Is it the same for all the classes?

The date you see in the information on our website is the date of the first “virtual” class. You will see the first lecture, notes, discussion board topic, etc., posted on the virtual classroom. Every week you will see new information on that specific day. You can view that information at any time on that day. Each class has a beginning date and an ending date. Generally, students should expect to access the class materials, if only for a short time, at least four times each week.

What kind of academic credit is earned through online classes?

In order to receive the certificate, you need at least a 3.0 GPA or better. You will be obtaining academic credit which you may be able to articulate into an advanced degree program.

Is there a time limit for completing the program?

Students are required to complete their courses in five years (20 quarters). Upon realizing that they won’t be able to complete the courses within this time frame, students should contact us and let us know.

Since this is open enrollment, may I apply at any point to receive the certificate or is there a maximum number of classes I must take before applying?

We recommend that you submit the application to establish candidacy in the program while you are taking or about to complete EDUC X 414.81 Counseling the College Bound Student. This class serves as an overview of the program.

How long has this program been running?

This program was first established as a summer-long program in 1990. It was changed to the online format in 1999.

Do you track students after completing the certificate program? If so, what is the percentage of graduates who find jobs in the counseling field?

We conducted an alumni survey in 2016. We learned that 58.5% of our alumni were employed full time, 27.2% were employed part time for a total of 85.7%. In response to our query as to how well the program prepared them for their first post-program job 57% strongly agreed that it did, 33% somewhat agreed that it did so for a total of 90%. As to how much their first post-program job was related to the field of college counseling 76% stated that their jobs were highly related to the field and 13% stated that it was somewhat related.