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The last day for students to enroll for the advanced core certificate and pay the $50 dollar certificate fee will be in Winer 2017 (date to be determined).

We will still offer the same courses in the certificate, but no longer the certificate itself. If students have enrolled in the certificate before August 15th, they will still be able to complete it and get the certificate once they are finished.
Students can enroll for the certificate by going to our website at www.uclaextension.edu or calling registration at (310)-825-9971 and ask to enroll in CF093 (Early Childhood Advanced Core Certificate).
Please let us know if you have any questions.

ENROLL NOW – Early Childhood Education Administrator (Advanced)

Our programs in Early Childhood Education are dedicated to professional excellence, and both the Basic and Advanced Core Certificate Programs meet academic requirements for Title 5 and Title 22 Regulations for Professional Growth Activities and apply toward Child Development Permits. The curriculum, developed in cooperation with UCLA’s Graduate School of Education and Information Studies, is designed to meet the needs of both supervisors and teachers and is a stimulating blend of practical methodology and current research.

Highly respected, creative, and dynamic instructors offer classes to a diverse student body throughout the greater Los Angeles community at convenient times and locations. Students may elect to specialize in a specific area of study by choosing from a wide variety of elective courses. Personal academic counseling is available.

The Advanced Core Program is organized for those students who have completed the Basic Core Program and wish to prepare for an administrative or supervisory role in programs for young children ages 0-5.

UCLA Extension Education Department is pleased to announce that Early Childhood Basic Core Required Course listed as X 100 to 199 series are transferrable for academic credit toward the bachelor’s degree at all campuses of the University of California (UC) and can be applied toward a bachelor’s degree at any campus of the California State University system (CSU).

Courses in the X 300 to X 399 series provide credit that may lead to advanced standing in baccalaureate degree and teacher credentialing programs and are credit-bearing courses in the field of Education.

For candidates enrolled in the Basic & Advanced Certificate and who have already completed core courses in the X 300 series numbers, these courses are honored toward completion of the certificate program.

The following is a table of the academic calendar for 2017.

Dates of Enrollment
Class Dates Open for Enrollment
Winter 2018 January 8–March 23 November 6
Spring 2018 March 28–June 15 February 5
Summer 2018 June 25–September 14 April 30
Fall 2017 September 25–December 17 open

*Early registration deadline is 30 days before the class begins. Use code EARLY for 10% discount.

ENROLL NOW – Early Childhood Education Administrator (Advanced)

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