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This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is teacher-induction-a-effective-learning-environments-educx439-1-1024x683.jpgAdvanced Placement Program® (AP®) courses and test scores can make all the difference for students seeking acceptance to highly competitive colleges. College Board* endorsed, this series is designed to prepare high school teachers for the challenges of the AP® classroom.

ENROLL NOW – Advanced Placement Teacher Training

The online institutes train teacher participants in content review and pedagogy so that they can offer successful AP® courses. The institutes are offered completely online. If your district office will be paying the course fee by submitting a purchase order, please direct them to submit a scanned copy to this email address: po@uclaextension.edu. A purchase order can also be faxed to (310) 825-5686.  You will be enrolled in a course upon receipt of a purchase order.

This series of courses is useful for teachers upgrading their competencies for AP® classes and for administrators involved in curriculum development and AP® implementation.

*College Board, AP, Advanced Placement Program, and the acorn Logo are registered trademarks of the College Board. Used with permission. AP®, Pre-AP®, and Pacesetter® are registered trademarks of the College Entrance Examination Board.

  • Affordable course fee
  • 100% online format
  • Courses offered only during the Summer quarter
  • Courses are taught by College Board endorsed consultants
  • Course materials are the workbooks published annually by the College Board
  • Courses consist of five weekly sessions
  • The outstanding, Internationally-recognized reputation of UCLA and UCLA Extension

Textbooks: Please be aware that shipment of course materials will not begin until Early June.

The material used in these courses are workbooks published each summer by the College Board. The workbooks are shipped via UPS to the enrolled students prior to the course start date. It is imperative that students provide a complete and accurate street address where such a shipment can be delivered as well as a current telephone number. We advise against providing a high school office address which may be closed during the summer, and a P.O. address cannot be used. Therefore, you need to enroll early enough to allow for 10 days of shipping time for the books to arrive.

Regarding military shipments: It is not possible for UPS to ship directly to these addresses. The materials are shipped to an address in Washington D.C. From that location, they are distributed to the various locations. Please consider this extended and somewhat unpredictable shipping time when enrolling.

ENROLL NOW – Advanced Placement Teacher Training

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